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1. Fine-Tuned
by Dennis Jerz
Average member rating: (21 ratings)

JSR says:

Favorite If game due to the fact that I love automobiles and the story seemed to flow well. I have a more detailed review under the game.

2. Zork I
by Marc Blank and Dave Lebling
Average member rating: (211 ratings)

JSR says:

I like the game because I enjoy adventures especially outdoors and that is what the game entailed.

3. Beyond
by Roberto Grassi, Paolo Lucchesi, and Alessandro Peretti
Average member rating: (45 ratings)

JSR says:

Good mystery game that is more along the lines of a story. It is not super hard to follow leading to an experience that will not become frustrating.

4. Frobozz Magic Video Poker, by Zach Matley (2000)
Average member rating: (1 rating)
JSR says:

A good game if you like video poker. Not an IF game, but it is fun to play and on the site.

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