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Recommendations by Herr Rau (München, Germany)

I teach German, English and Computer Sciences and find IF useful in all subjects.

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1. Allein mit Kai
by Ingo Scharmann and Joana Markus
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Herr Rau says:

In German. Very useful as intro, funny and satisfyingly easy at first. Later it becomes a little bit too difficult for beginners.

2. Lost Pig
by Admiral Jota
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3. Zork I
by Marc Blank and Dave Lebling
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Herr Rau says:

I've got a worksheet for this, introducing the concepts, some vocabulary exercise. It covers only the very beginnging, but I do like the shouts in the classroom of "Hey, how do I get past the troll?"

4. Don't Pee Yourself!, by Hulk Handsome (2011)
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Herr Rau says:

I like this, because it is simple (not a game, really) and introduces the concept of abstraction - how "use toilet" can be, but usually isn't broken down into component actions. Because usually, students start with high-level commands such as "find the hidden treasure", which don't usually work.

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