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Interactive Fiction Competition Winners - 29 items   January 4, 2021
A list by RichCheng
These are the games that won First Place honours in the IFComp each year.

My First Games - 8 items   April 24, 2020
A list by Zoe Victoria
The first time I played a text adventure was on my braille note apex in elementary school. Some were easy, some were hard. Some I loved,...

Favourite Games - 24 items   November 14, 2019
A list by Isaac Buckley

Cute games - 22 items   August 23, 2016
A list by MathBrush
These are games which are cute and/or sweet, in the sense that they are pleasant, relaxing, appropriate for children, or meant to warm...

Winter Wastelands - 13 items   January 9, 2016
A list by verityvirtue
Games set in the Arctic, Antarctic, or any other cold wilderness. Preferably with the isolation and harsh environment featuring...

Favorite semi-linear games - 20 items   July 11, 2015
A list by MathBrush
These are games like Anchorhead where you have a large amount of freedom, but you can't always return to the beginning. Generally these...

Sparky's Recommended Online Games - 3 items   October 19, 2011
A list by Sparky901

My List Of Most Fun Games Ever - 29 items   May 16, 2011
A list by Rotonoto
(in purely alphabetical order)

Great setting - 3 items   July 11, 2008
A list by Timo Saarinen
Smart puzzles and good writing don't alone make a good game. The setting and overall atmosphere are equally important.

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