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Visually impaired gamer who enjoys a good story. Started playing IF when I received my braille note apex at school and now use Frotz on iPad.

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My First Games - 8 items   April 24, 2020
The first time I played a text adventure was on my braille note apex in elementary school. Some were easy, some were hard. Some I loved,...

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Jolly Good: Cakes and Ale, by Kreg Segall   November 27, 2020
"I've only played this game through completely once, and I enjoyed it, so much so that I purchased the rest of it (I used the Choice Of..." - See the full review

The Parenting Simulator, by Matt Simpson   August 3, 2020
"In the parenting simulator, you play as a single parent doing the best they can to raise their child from infancy to adulthood. Like in..." - See the full review

The Underoos that Ate New York!, by G. Kevin Wilson   June 3, 2020
"In The Underoos That ATe New York, you play as a bachelor in his simple home who witnessed a meteor fall in Central Park. A while later,..." - See the full review

Being Andrew Plotkin, by J. Robinson Wheeler   June 3, 2020
"This game was one of the Many Preinstalled text adventures that came when I downloaded Frotz on my iPad. The title seemed interesting so..." - See the full review

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Affairs of the Court: Choice of Romance, by Heather Albano and Adam Strong-Morse
The Parenting Simulator, by Matt Simpson
Whitefield Academy of Witchcraft, by Steph Cherrywell
Hunter, in Darkness, by Andrew Plotkin
A Bear's Night Out, by David Dyte

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The Forgotten Nightmare Remastered, by Chris Radford
Winter Wonderland, by Laura Knauth