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Games I've Designed Cover Art For - 11 items   May 25, 2022
A list by J. J. Guest
As well as writing games, I enjoy making cover art for them. This list includes all the games I've designed the cover art for. The top...

Noteworthy Games Which Can't Be Played on the Web - 45 items   April 2, 2020
A list by Walter Sandsquish
Because TADS 2 is still missing a TADS Web UI or Glk server or a JavaScript 'terp.

Favourite Games - 25 items   November 14, 2019
A list by Isaac Buckley

My Top Ten List - 10 items   October 17, 2019
A list by MathBrush
This list is of my top 10 favorite games that I can also recommend to everyone. (Former items on this list included Anchorhead, Theatre,...

Funny Games - 6 items   June 14, 2017
A list by Ivanr
Okay, this is purely subjective, but since really successful comedy is so rare in IF I thought I'd collect what I consider to be the...

Games that made me smile - 44 items   January 26, 2016
A list by MathBrush
I wanted to do a list of comedy games, but I think people rarely think "I want to play a comedy game"; to me, the phrase brings up some...

Übertweak playlist - 12 items   April 22, 2012
A list by Dannii
Playlist for Übertweak

ADRIFT Authors' Iconic Works - 33 items   January 5, 2012
A list by DB
I have attempted to assemble a list of some major (and some minor) authors for the ADRIFT platform along with a game iconic of their...

Recommended ADRIFT games - 14 items   August 21, 2011
A list by Lumin
There is so much IF made with ADRIFT out there. Like with any platform a certain percentage of them are just plain...not good, but there...

Not Too Long, Not Too Difficult - 8 items   May 17, 2008
A list by Eric Mayer
Being impatient and puzzle-challenged, I prefer rather short games that I can make it through without resorting to hints every other...

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