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Wholesome games - 4 items   May 31, 2023
A list by Reeah
These are games that I find cute and/or wholesome. Games in no particular order.

IFDB Top 100 - 100 items   May 30, 2023
A list by Pegbiter
An automatically updated list utilizing an IMDb style Bayes estimator to calculate weighted ratings based on all IFDB ratings. Questions...

Games for Sarah - 9 items   January 3, 2022
A list by unWinnable State

Some of my favorite games - 9 items   October 28, 2021
A list by G. Faregan
In alphabetical order.

My new walkthroughs for June 2021 - 8 items   June 24, 2021
A list by David Welbourn
On Thursday June 24, 2021, I published new walkthroughs for the games and stories listed below! Some of these were paid for by my...

mara's swag recommended list - 11 items   June 13, 2021
A list by meadowmower
the hottest games I've played. in progress (I will make changes). all these games are special to me in one way or another. have fun...

Interactive Fiction Competition Winners - 29 items   January 4, 2021
A list by RichCheng
These are the games that won First Place honours in the IFComp each year.

Favourite Games - 26 items   November 14, 2019
A list by Isaac Buckley

Surreal/trippy/metaphor/mind's journey, with two worlds - 33 items   October 29, 2015
A list by MathBrush
There is a big genre of games where you explore a metaphorical region of dreams or symbolism, and which has meaning in the 'real world'....

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