Favorite IF Authors (represented by games)

Recommendations by Denk

This list does not include authors, where I have only played one of their games. Thus great games such as Anchorhead and Blue Lacuna are currently not included.

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1. The Lurking Horror II: The Lurkening, by Ryan Veeder (2018)
Average member rating: (17 ratings)
Denk says:

Having played 22 of Ryan Veeder's games, I suppose he is my favorite IF author. Ryan Veeder tends to write short games of high quality and good humor, so if you are in the mood of a short game, there is plenty to choose from. I regard The Lurking Horror 2 as his best game so far.

2. Zork III
by Dave Lebling, Marc Blank
Average member rating: (68 ratings)

Denk says:

This author pair is responsible for Zork I,II and III as well as Enchanter. In addition both authors have made good games on their own. My favorite game from this pair of authors is Zork III.

3. Die Feuerfaust
by Larry Horsfield
Average member rating: (2 ratings)

Denk says:

Back in the heyday of homegrown 8-bit text adventures, Larry Horsfield received the title of Best Text Adventure Author at the Adventure Convention Awards in 1992. Twenty years later he makes a comeback on the ADRIFT scene. So far I have played all his ADRIFT games (six are published so far) and they are all of high quality with clever puzzles and good implementation. Die Feuerfaust is my favorite.

4. Worldsmith
by Ade McT
Average member rating: (29 ratings)

Denk says:

Ade McT is responsible for Worldsmith, the Hard Puzzle series and a couple of IFcomp games. I regard Worldsmith as one of the best IF games ever and I enjoyed his other games too.

5. Gnome Ranger
by Pete Austin
Average member rating: (4 ratings)

Denk says:

Pete Austin has authored or co-authored at least 15 games published by Level 9. I include him on the list mainly because of the Gnome Ranger series and Scapeghost, which in my opinion are the three best Level 9 games.

6. The Wand
by Arthur DiBianca
Average member rating: (48 ratings)

Denk says:

Compared to many on this list, Arthur DiBianca is among the more modern authors. I have already enjoyed 7 of his games, and gave 5 stars to both "The Wand" and "Skies Above".

7. The Magpie Takes the Train
by Mathbrush
Average member rating: (30 ratings)

Denk says:

Mathbrush finally made it onto this list as this game is the second of his I give 5 stars (the other is Sherlock Indomitable) and I have enjoyed several others as well.

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