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Let's Play: Ancient Greek Punishment: The Text Adventure

by Pippin Barr


About the Story

You're dead, but you're not on Charon's list.

Impersonate mythological Greek figures (and Zeno!) and suffer eternal punishment in Hades in their place, for better or worse. Okay, it's definitely for worse.

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The Gaming Philosopher
Extended Sisyphus simulation lacks surprise
The game doesn't do much with its theme. Playing through the repetitive and endless vignettes serves to emphasise the nastiness of these mythological punishments their monotony, their pointlessness, their unescapability; all of it reinforced by the malicious laughter of Zeus that always sounds in the background. Which is fair, but not an especially exciting take on the source material, and not especially Greek either. The game just beats us over the head with what is most obvious about these myths, rather than exploring unexpected facets.
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