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An alchemy RPG with many stats and fun story line, February 3, 2016
by MathBrush
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Onaar is different than most games out there. It is an RPG with heavy amounts of grinding, but can still be completed relatively quickly.

You are a young person who crashes on an island with a community on it. You become an alchemist's apprentice. The game has a real economy with things you need to buy and sell, a variety of stats, a mild hunger daemon (with plenty of free food items regenerating all over), and many potions you make by gathering alchemical ingredients.

It was fun. It is not like other parser games; if you are looking for a traditional puzzler, you should go somewhere else. Traditional puzzles are here, but the RPG/alchemy system is the real star. You can make yourself incorporeal, stronger, a teleporter, etc.

Great for fans of classic RPGS.