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The great joy of IF is that it is all a labor of love, done without monetary gain. Joy? Let me explain...

IMO, the mulit-million dollar cost of developing today's
games means that they have to cater to the mass market. Consequently, they have become much more simple-minded and feature action and violence over thoughtful content.

IF, on the other hand, needing no such patron, grants its authors the freedom to create games and stories of a higher order. See?

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Interactive Fiction by Robert DeFord

VR Gambler, by Robert DeFord (2017)
(12 ratings)
You start at the entrance to the Gold Coast Casino's new Virtual Reality Gaming Room. There is a neon sign over the doorway that says: GO ON A VR ADVENTURE! WIN BIG! This parser-based game features...

Onaar, by Robert DeFord (2015)
(11 ratings)
Go to Onaar and become an Alchemist. Learn to make potions that allow you to survive and thrive in a dynamic, open-ended game world. Will you elevate your skills and vanquish the rogue wizard who...

The Wyldkynd Project, by Robert DeFord (2014)
(5 ratings)
In this sci-fi/fantasy game you are Nick Wayne, a recent college graduate with one of those degrees that does not lead to a job. While flipping burgers to pay the rent, you manage to get a new,...

The Egg and the Newbie, by Robert DeFord (2012)
(6 ratings)
In this first book in The Heartha Saga, an intrepid Newbie has to take over the management of a small egg farm and make it successful. Other books in the series will continue the saga. While each...

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Reviews by Robert DeFord

It's election time in Pakistan: Go rich boy, go!, by Jahanzaib Haque   May 28, 2013
"I liked the humorous way the miserable daily life in Pakistan is portrayed alongside the totally privileged life of the rich with their..." - See the full review

The Quest to Make the Ultimate Game, by Ninjack5   May 27, 2013
"Mildly entertaining, but it has too may typos or deliberate stylistic "oddities" in the text for my taste. It is very easy to play, and..." - See the full review

9:05, by Adam Cadre   May 12, 2012
"A most enjoyable little game that played a practical joke on me. What a kick! No conventional book could do that, only IF. I am a wannabe..." - See the full review

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The Quest to Make the Ultimate Game, by Ninjack5
9:05, by Adam Cadre