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Below average, May 16, 2024

Great premise: A self-invented game world with a self-invented religious system, and some ritual is going on. Plenty directions to go from here.

Unfortunately, neither the religious system nor the game world are being fleshed out. You're a vampire, you've done bad, you're punished, then you go to a dungeon to fight a deity, and that's it.

The game world has potential and I really want to know more about it, and because of this I was very tempted to give a third star, but in the end the game disappointed me because of its shallowness. I'll follow the author tho, because potential is definitely there.

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Ferrante, April 15, 2024 - Reply
Don't bother to understand, this user just leaves abusive rants everywhere. I suspect he's a troll.
Cressida Tseng, July 7, 2022 - Reply
Hi! Thanks so much for your interest in my game. From what I am hearing, your main criticism of The Raven Circle is that you feel the plot of the game has potential which is not expanded upon, so the game feels like it was hastily made. I completely understand, and I appreciate your review. To offer a bit of context from my end, though, the game was inspired by a novel I had completed about a year before creating this game, which is actually the second in a series, and does expand a lot on the world of this game, of which you have only had a taste. I had actually made a prequel game, Sweet Magnolias, which you can view here if you wish:

Back to your critique -- I totally understand why you feel the game is incomplete. I did not want to spoil anything in the book, though this game is actually the last one I will make that is inspired by any long-form writing I will do, unrelated to your critique. Admittedly, it is difficult condensing such a long text into a game. As I'm sure you have seen, lots of details and contextual information are bound to be lost. My plan in the future is to use Twine as a way to explore new writing, rather than simply grafting bits and pieces from some long text I have already written.

At the time of creating this game, I was still experimenting with Twine and the full extent of programming within. I am actually focused more on creative writing than game design at the moment. Once again, thank you so much for your critique of my work, which will help improve it, and generally for your interest. It means a lot.
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