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Writer. Learner. Knower of big words.
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Interactive Fiction by Cressida Tseng

and there are no stars., by Cressida St. Claire (2023)
(2 ratings)
a tiny, semi-autobiographical game about the stars and the comfort you find in them. content warning: depiction of physical punishment in a home setting. created for Neo-Twiny Jam...

choke heart, by Cressida St. Claire (2023)
(1 rating)
what can you do or say that will reflect the love you've shared with a caregiver? maybe there's nothing at all. you just have to be present. made for Neo-Twiny Jam...

The Raven Circle, by Cressida St. ClaireNOTE: This game is the second in a duology. You can find the first game in the series here: A short atmospheric horror story about trapped gods,...

Sweet Magnolias, by Cressida St. ClaireA hypertext game where you play as a vampire who discovers the dark secrets of the temple in which she lives. The game aims to illustrate the effects of anxiety and gaslighting—especially in...

SHADOW PLAY, by Cressida St. Claire (2023)
SHADOW PLAY is a dark fantasy game that explores the transformative power of creative expression. You play as someone whose past choices have led the forest kingdom’s cruel princess to turn into a...

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The Cradle of Eve, by Kitty Horrorshow   April 12, 2023
"Like much of Kitty Horrorshow's work, The Cradle of Eve boasts spectacular, fantastical usage of the English language to great effect,..." - See the full review