The Raven Circle

by Cressida St. Claire


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Meh., May 22, 2022

Great premise: A self-invented game world with a self-invented religious system, and some ritual is going on. Plenty directions to go from here.

Unfortunately, neither the religious system nor the game world are being fleshed out. You're a vampire, you've done bad, you're punished, then you go to a dungeon to fight a deity, and that's it.

There's average parser games that took a year to write - this Twine game feels like it took a feverish weekend. The game world has potential and I really want to know more about it, and because of this I was very tempted to give a third star, but in the end the game disappointed me so much by its shallowness that it felt like an annoying game, not like an average one. I'll follow the author tho, because potential is definitely there.

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