Pick Up The Phone Booth And Die 2

by Rob Noyes


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Hmm, November 3, 2010
by tggdan3 (Michigan)

How do you make that trombone sound they play in sitcoms for disappointment? That (wow wow wow woooooow) sound? I heard that playing in my head for this game.

This game would have been fine in and of itself. The problem is that it's a sequel to a one shot joke game. As such, I had certain expectations. Yeah, you pick it up, or push it, or pull it. But soon I found that I had an inventory, and there were other rooms to explore, and suddenly the whole game got very big. Much bigger than a joke game ever needs to be.

What would Zork: A troll's eye view, be if you could leave the troll room?
What 9:05 be if you could (Spoiler - click to show) not kill that guy ?

The only thing I could conclude is that this is NOT a joke game, but a light humor puzzle game, and that's fine, but it's very misleading as a sequel to Pick up the Phone Booth and Die.

I'm sure the game ends up being okay, but I just couldn't concentrate. It's like taking a one line joke, and making it into a long drawn out story to get to the same punch-line. Some jokes need to be one-liners.

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Danielle, November 4, 2010 - Reply
I've always seen it written as "Wah-wah-waaaaaah" or some variation thereof.
Mr. Patient, November 4, 2010 - Reply
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