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A good multimedia game with varying intuitive-ness, October 25, 2021

I found this game by requesting an IF story with a character-swapping system similar to the indie horror game 'Ib.'

I enjoyed the game and found a few of the puzzles intuitive; the character's heights and abilities all felt easy to understand with some trial and error.

Unfortunately, even some simple tasks required too many 'guess the verb' queries and I had to use the walkthrough several times.

(The game's error messages gave me some trouble. For example, I entered the wrong phone number in the booth and got an 'unknown noun' error. That made me think that the game did not recognize phone numbers at all, when in fact I needed to be told I had typed the wrong number.)

Maybe people who are more used to IF conventions could play the game more easily than I did, or maybe the Adventuron engine is not as well suited to interpreting language as the games I am more familiar with.

The multimedia was a nice touch, with simple illustrations that still look nice, and the fact that they change as you change characters is useful as a UI feature.

I completed the game in about 20 minutes with a walkthrough.