Birthday Simulator 2

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Episode 2 of Birthday Simulator

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Eh, December 7, 2019

This is one of those "wander down branching paths" kinds of stories, where what happens changes radically based on your decisions, but there's not, like, an overarching narrative or framework between paths. Basically, this is a collection of like fifteen different little vignettes that you flow between by clicking options without having much of an idea which vignettes you're opening up or closing off by doing so. So the question here is "are the vignettes good," and the answer is "yeah, kinda." Some of them were boring but others were really funny. There's not really any way to hit the good vignettes while ignoring the bad ones except by following a walkthrough, so I'll just share that the funniest vignette I found came from turning 22 and then making all of the onions. Just the maximum possible amount of onions.