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Birthday Simulator 2, by Jon Prime   December 7, 2019
"This is one of those "wander down branching paths" kinds of stories, where what happens changes radically based on your decisions, but..." - See the full review

Por Una Cabeza, by Chandler Groover, Failbetter Games   December 3, 2019
"A deal with a devil, cheating rats (like, literally, they're rats), racing slugs. Fallen London's best writing has always come from all..." - See the full review

Photopia, by Adam Cadre   December 3, 2019
"Photopia is fun to read, but it's not a masterpiece or anything. Apparently in 1998 the idea that we could use a text-based medium to..." - See the full review

OK Boomer: The Game, by E.I. Wong   December 3, 2019
"This game is not the incisive commentary on modern society it wants to be. Its interactivity is almost irrelevant, so it's trying to..." - See the full review