Por Una Cabeza

by Chandler Groover profile and Failbetter Games

Episode 56 of Fallen London Exceptional Stories

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Around The Block In Eighty Days, December 3, 2019

A deal with a devil, cheating rats (like, literally, they're rats), racing slugs. Fallen London's best writing has always come from all the weird ideas it rams together and the latest episode isn't disappointing in that regard. Not the best episode ever, but definitely a good one. There is one mixed drawback/bonus, which is that it's episode a zillion of Fallen London. You don't need to know any of the previous episodes to enjoy it, but it's connected to Fallen London's greater gameplay, which means you'll be hard-pressed to gather up the prerequisite items to have much of an impact on the outcome if you haven't played for at least a little bit to get your basic economy set up. That'll only take you, like, two or three days, though, and if even that is too much hassle, you can always just let the story unfold without affecting its outcome much one way or another.