Cage Break

by Jac Colvin


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Choicescript game about a bird escaping with other birds, March 26, 2023
by MathBrush
Related reviews: 15-30 minutes

This game is based on a seed from the first round of Seedcomp about birds escaping from a cage and freeing other birds. Another game, free bird, is in the comp based on the same seed.

I liked this game, and found it fun to build up plans to help the other birds. It reminded me of 90's television like Captain Planet and Ferngully.

It was a bit hard at times to see the effects of things I did. I didn't look in a mirror until near the end, when it let me set my name and stuff, and that felt a bit out of place; occasionally text about releasing a bird would be repeated.

There were moments of tension (did I do the right thing letting the Wren get out when they were anxious?) which helped improve the game.

Overall, I liked it; I do think it could use a little more polish on a few things, but I think this is a game the author can be proud of.