The Acorn Court

by Todd S. Murchison

Slice of life

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Nicely descriptive, but dock a star if parsing errors bother you., September 17, 2013
by John Daily (New York)

The player starts off in the courtyard of a mansion, with no reason given as to why he's there, how he got there, or even what his goal is (it's to leave). There was a bit of work put into some very nicely descriptive passages, but not as much put into the parsing. For example:

>Get crumbling stones
I only understood you as far as wanting to get the small water well.

On top of the west wall [...] is a large squirrels (sic) nest made of sticks, twigs, and leaves. [...] A carpeting of old brown leaves [...] rustle about on the ground...

>x leaves
A typical squirrels (sic) nest...

I hate to knock anything that someone put obvious time and effort into, but this is a one-room IF; surely these things should have been caught and fixed in beta.