Das Kopialbuch

by Max Kalus


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Thin plot, lots of historical background, December 29, 2008
by kba (berlin)

Another historical IF game by Max Kalus that is set in 16th century Germany. Similarily to Das Felleisen this one also seems not so much an adventure as a vehicle for the historic background.

The plot itself is short and linear and in the ending phase there is a time strict limit. But the extensive help function offers both tips (based on location) and a textual walkthrough. The historical background seems to be accurate (at least, I guess so) and both the interface as well as the description use anachronistic german (Spoiler - click to show)- some items are really written in the style of the 16th century which is hard to understand even for a native speaker which adds a lot to immersion.

I would rate it with 4 Stars if it weren't for the fact that I actually sympathise more with the antagonist than with the hero and would love it to be implemented that way. It's fairly short and considering the extensive help function it is a nice fifteen minutes of playing and another half hour to read on the historical background in-game :-)

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