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Pleasant if unremarkable FF-style choice game, August 7, 2020
by ChrisM (Cambridge, UK)

A fairly short, choice-based game with familiar Fighting Fantasy-esque trappings: potter about your medieval environs killing giants, talking to wizards and encountering mysterious mists etc. There are a few alternate paths but not much substantive variation between the two poles of happy ending or sudden death, but it is all very solidly implemented and written in an easy, confident style by an author who clearly knows what he is doing. Overall, this fulfils nicely my current primary criterion that games should be short enough to complete during work-time, but not so superficial as to feel like a waste of time (your employer would no doubt be happy to sponsor you playing this brief but worthy number), making it a solidly three-star experience.

Apparently, this has been written as an experiment in using a minimalist JavaScript engine (Quandry) to create a work of IF. Having not played much (in fact, hardly any) choice-based IF, I canít comment on its relative merits compared to other systems, but it all works well enough as far as I could tell from my playthrough.

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