Grey Star Quest

by GDV, Joe Dever, Ian Page, Paul Bonner, and Project Aon

Part of Lone Wolf
RPG, Fantasy, Gamebook

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"In my dreams I am the Wizard Master!", March 28, 2022

The World of Lone Wolf by Ian Page was a 4-book spin-off from Joe Dever's Lone Wolf gamebook series, featuring a new magic-focused character in a distant part of Magnamund. This mini-series shook up the formula quite a bit: Grey Star the Wizard is often accompanied by chatty and memorable sidekicks unlike the lonesome Lone Wolf, he was raised on an isolated island so is naive in the ways of the world, and not being a warrior means combat can be extremely difficult (even impossible at times) and to be avoided at all costs. You do have multiple cool magic tricks up your sleeve but they eat up willpower points which are hard to recover.

This Android adaptation is from the developer of the excellent Lone Wolf Saga: it naturally has the same high-quality UI and QoL features, and is again free.

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