The Bones of Rosalinda

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An incredible short game, April 10, 2022
by f-a

I cannot praise enough this game: the good UI, the sensible puzzles, the lovely characters, their witty lines, how everything in the world seems believable yet magic at the same time. You don't have to be flowery to be moving and the writing in this game shows it.

I don't even like Twine games that much, but this one seems more a point and click adventure game relayed via text: you have your player character (and what a player character), her sidekick, a number of NPCs who are at times dumb, obstinate or helpful and a small mansion that is the background of your adventure.

There are some minor drawbacks, like slow room/inveotry transitions (maybe it is my browser but transitions at times took even a couple of seconds) and missed interactions ((Spoiler - click to show)if you jump with pepper in your hand in the goulash, it should instantly make it hot, without requiring us to specifically drop the ingredient in it).

Suggestions for the player: do have pencil and paper with you (game is small, but still making a map makes navigation easier); do download the hint files, which makes this even more enjoyable.

Closing the page I find myself fantasising about the future life of Tekla and Quintus, I hope the author will release more IF!