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All in all, a good game, October 22, 2015
by RickyD (South Carolina, USA)

This is an enjoyable game with an interesting premise -- you've been recruited by a scientist to help with an experiment that you know very little about, and you end up in a fantasy environment where magical creatures actually exist.

The environment is very interactive and the NPC's are decent. The conversation system is very nice and certainly beats the old "talk to [x] about [y]" or "ask [x] about [y]" guess-the-word system. Some of the puzzles are interesting -- I particularly enjoyed (Spoiler - click to show)the one that opens the portal -- and the storyline is easy to follow. I only got stuck in one place trying to guess the proper sequence of words, but I was able to find a way around it, so I wasn't stuck for long. There's a lot of exposition, but the vast majority of it is optional. The map is fairly linear and doesn't require too much backtracking.

The ending is satisfactory and fitting, though not quite how I personally would've wrapped it up. It's short enough to play in a single sitting but long enough to be interesting. Re-playability (if that's even a word) isn't extremely high -- after I went through it once, there were a couple of things I wanted to go back and play with some more, but after I did that, I wasn't in a hurry to play it a third time. (Of course, some games barely warrant a second play-through.)

All in all, a good game -- one I would certainly recommend to others.