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I've been playing Interactive Fiction games since I was a child in the early 80's (starting with Pirate Adventure by Scott Adams) and have been authoring IF games for a number of years now. My first games were web-based and written in HTML and JavaScript, but I graduated up to Alan 3 several years ago. I've also dabbled in TADS3 and have played games on a number of different platforms.

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Glass, by Emily Short   October 26, 2015
"First time I played this, I realized very quickly that I was essentially an outside observer. However, I initially thought I was ONLY an..." - See the full review

9:05, by Adam Cadre   October 24, 2015
"Wonderful little game. The whole time I played it, I felt a little uneasy and kept wondering what the "catch" was. Superbly done! I've..." - See the full review

The Warbler's Nest, by Jason McIntosh   October 23, 2015
"What a game! It really messed with my head. Although I've never faced the exact dilemma faced by the protagonist, " - See the full review

The Rocket Man From The Sea, by Janos Honkonen   October 23, 2015
"Really liked the premise of the game, and I thoroughly enjoyed the imagination sequences. What kid hasn't dressed up and pretended his..." - See the full review

Bugged, by Anssi Räisänen   October 22, 2015
"I absolutely loved this game -- both the premise and the execution. Of course, I have a twisted sense of humor, so that probably helps...." - See the full review

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