Girl's Day

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A story about family, heritage, and changes, September 14, 2023
by MathBrush
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This game was written in Narrat, an engine I hadn't heard of before but which worked very smoothly; this was a visually well-done game, with an appropriate stock image, nice styling/layout and smooth scrolling.

This story was entered in the Single Choice Jam, and features exactly one choice in the center of the story, at what felt like a powerful emotional moment.

Content wise, the story revolves around remembrances of Girl's Day, which I assume is the Japanese holiday, as the imagery used reflects that, and I'm not currently aware of other Girl's Days out there. The protagonist is old now, but reflects on the generations of women in their past. There are strong implications of the narrator's changing gender identity, but nothing explicit.

Overall, a thoughtful, reflective, and well-done piece.

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