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Tower, October 14, 2017

So I'm in a tower... this seems to be fantasy land with some modern elements like a neon tube.

The implementation and the level of hints were good, but the puzzles were ... puzzling. I donít understand the vase puzzle and the red door at the end of the corridor.

What is up with the response to Ďtake allí when you drop items after the big bad attacks you? ďOne at a time, please.Ē Iíve just dropped all my stuff and I want it back fast. Why am I having to type the name of every single object like itís 1980? I bet even Scott Adams games let you GET ALL.

Itís reasonably well implemented and the hint system is cool Ė the sphere is an imaginative touch. However, the plotís weak and I solved several puzzles without understanding what I was doing.