Are You Racist?

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Why bother using Twine for this?, August 23, 2015
by vaporware (California)

There's no quiz, no interactivity, no clever insight or meta-commentary, just a single word (Spoiler - click to show)("yes"). Whether this was meant seriously or a parody of identity politics, it isn't compelling.

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Andrew Schultz, August 24, 2015 - Reply
Actually, if you look at the source, if you click 100 times, you get a different answer. Or maybe there's a 1 in 100 chance.

This reminded me of other loaded questions that have been asked, and repeatedly, in real life. And how annoying it is, and how I generally play games to get away from that, or at least see it in a different way. So, yeah.

Also, the reason to use twine (as I see it) is that everything else you could possibly use would be even worse overkill.

It also made me think of N0M3RCY--apologies for any leetspeak misspellings!
<blank>, August 24, 2015 - Reply
Huh. Like that annoyotron game, then.

So maybe he's saying that we are all racist, but if we really try we can change that?

Or he's just pulling everyone's leg.

Either way, I am curious to see what he'll do next.
<blank>, August 23, 2015 - Reply
I'm really unsure about the author. I kinda like his games, in a weird "they're not really games, and I don't really know whether he's being serious or just going for shock value" kind of way. You can read this game as having an important message, i.e. that we're all racist, maybe due to cultural reasons or maybe just because we'll always behave differently towards the "other" because they are different. Or you can read this as lazy, shallow and riding on the shock it intends to cause.

It's really weird. I don't mind him making games, and I do itch to see what he's come up with next time. I don't feel remotely offended (or shocked) by his games. Just, erm, don't ask me to actually like them.
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