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Very nice text effects, well exploited. , January 20, 2021
by Samuel Verschelde (Stormi) (Lyon, France)

First, I would have liked to give it 3 and a half stars but it's not an option.

The dynamically changing text system is very well made and exploited, which encourages one to stare at the text for a while to grasp the various aspects of the scene. When text changes, this can be interpreted either as the protagonist focussing on something new, time that passes and makes the scene evolve, or even alternate realities.

The story itself did not grab me but it's well written.

On the interaction side, it is somewhat limited. My mind quickly switched to "detect words written in CAPS" mode and then all I had to do was to wait for the words to appear and assemble them. I'd love to see a game that stays as good on the way it exposes the world, but with higher interactivity, maybe a smarter parser.

One word of caution for visually impaired players: given how the text changes all the time, I don't think any screen reader will be able to give you an meaningful view of what happens.

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Fabien Vidal, January 20, 2021 - Reply
Good points with the limited interaction. I will probably keep exploring this medium, so we will if I come up with anything more interesting.
And indeed, it might badly screw screenreaders...
Thank you for the comment !
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