Trail Stash

by Andrew Schultz profile

Episode 1 of I Heart High Art
Comedy, surreal

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Fight & Lun, February 18, 2024
by Max Fog
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I enjoyed the idea of this game, but I didn’t feel it fully lived up to its expectations. Although the puzzles were definitely good and worked, I think it soon exhausted me. But very fun, maybe try and mix things up a little more, also maybe a little bit longer, but I thoroughly enjoyed what was there very much!

Song: I couldn’t find something that fully fits (also since not many of Radiohead’s songs are very goofy and lighthearted in the way this one is), but I found Permanent Daylight. Not my favourite song by far, unfortunately, and this game is very good, but the line “With your head on backwards” gave me the flipping-letters vibe.

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