Congrats! Your writing doesn't stink!

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Demoralising :(, July 8, 2024
by manonamora
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Congrats! Your writing doesn’t stink! is a short reflection on sharing one’s work with others. Formatted as an exchange between an author (you) and a player/reviewer, you listen/read the latter’s opinion about your hypothetical piece. Through a thinly veil of “hey, I’m just trying to help”, the praise ends up being less then genuine, and the criticism borderline insulting. But maybe, it should have been expected with the title…

It’s weirdly relatable, having had my work judged, not always kindly (thought often with kernels of truth), to the point that it can turn you off from a community altogether. Putting your work out there is very courageous, and being met with malicious comments can be demoralizing. Words can be powerful things, lifting people spirits as well as burying them six-feet down. It’s a good reminder to think about how we phrase our comments, especially when we don’t like something.

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