Sentient Beings

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Domo Arigato Mr. Roboto, April 12, 2021

Control a friendly robot on alien world collecting specimens. Requires a thorough exploration of everything in the environment to dig out all 24 specimens before you can blast off. The planet has a day/night cycle, with both diurnal and nocturnal species to collect, so you'll be exploring most locations twice. Some specimens are harder to collect than others, requiring some simple inventory puzzles to be solved first.

This is from the author of Reflections and has the same high implementation standards and child-friendly simplicity. There is even some cool optional content: try talking to the robot, or finding the HUMOR option in its settings. I reckon the final launch code puzzle is too difficult for the target audience: I had to resort to the walkthrough there. It also doesn't display too well on a phone (the instructions for the electrical panel puzzle don't show up). Nevertheless, this one's well worth playing.

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Grizel, April 12, 2021 - Reply
Thanks for playing jakomo! You weren't the only one to say the final puzzle was too difficult for my audience, so I modified that just now to have a better hint. Let me know if you're interested in playtesting my future games for me, it'd be a huge help! :)
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