Das Spiel

by Alexander Klimon


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Nice story with little interactivity. , August 24, 2023

The game starts with a classic plot: Three girls visit the remote country house if a distant relative with the intention to have a party there. The relative is not at home, the girls enter the house and settle down, a storm rises, the house has an old secret, and the girls discover an old ouja board. The writing is nice in general; sonetimes one has the impression that it's based on an English story as some terms seem to be clumsy translations.

The interactivity is limited to navigating through the house and examining about one item per room by clicking on it. In the beginning this has a bit of potential as a story begins to unfold, but a few clicks later the game is over without answering any questions. The term "game" thus seems a bit toplofty. Worth the ten minutes read, but forgotten soon.

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