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Episode 2 of Cute Guys (And The Lies You Tell Them)

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Mid-length Twine with a tense story and great use of color, January 10, 2016
by MathBrush
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Thanksgiving was my first Hannah Powell-Smith game, but I'm going to play her other games now. Before I talk about the story, I have to mention my favorite part of this game: the use of color on links. I think everyone should copy this: cycling text is one color, expanding text is another, and branching text is a third. This makes it so much easier to know how to explore. I really support this.

As for the story, it was one I haven't seen done before. As you go to Thanksgiving with your boyfriend, you come under pressure due to your hidden past. It's hard to say more without spoilers, but this game made me nervous in a good way.

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Emily Boegheim, January 10, 2016 - Reply
"As you go to Thanksgiving with your bathroom" - I assume "bathroom" is a typo?
MathBrush, January 10, 2016 - Reply
Lol, yes. Thanks for pointing it out! It should be boyfriend.
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