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Well written and presented, September 1, 2018

This game does many things well in my opinion. A strong voice comes through in the form of the classic fantasy narrator who explains just enough and takes the rest for granted. The ending is predictable yet satisfying, a testament to the author's efforts in foreshadowing the story's events. Variations in text effects, primarily in the form of colour changes, are employed to great effect, highlighting the shift in mood without being overly distracting.

Something the reader is sure to appreciate is the consistent and intuitive mechanics established right from the start, in which every link apart from the last is an aside (with the few exceptions to this rule clearly signalled), negating the possibility of the reader missing any opportunities unnecessarily. The asides themselves provide snippets into the thought processes of the protagonist, complementing the more objective descriptions while playing a central role in defining the protagonist. The result is the opportunity to explore the game at one's own pace, gathering clues on what type of person the protagonist might be and learning about her past without fear of missing out on any of the main events.

I greatly enjoyed playing this.