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Interactive Fiction by retired mosquito

Tower, by Ryan Tan (2018)
(4 ratings)
"And at last I resolved to scale that tower, fall though I might; since it were better to glimpse the sky and perish, than to live without ever beholding day." ― H.P. Lovecraft, The Outsider A game...

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Birdland, by Brendan Patrick Hennessy   September 18, 2018
"What I like about this game is how consistent its themes are. The effect of introducing the characters as a cast, complete with beautiful..." - See the full review

Charlie The Robot, by Fernando Contreras   September 14, 2018
"This game employs so much jargon, writes in so many perspectives and presents all of these in such a wide variety of interfaces that it..." - See the full review

Cactus Blue Motel, by Astrid Dalmady   September 3, 2018
"This game left me feeling a little unsatisfied. There were strong horror vibes that I felt could have been emphasised a little more,..." - See the full review

HUNTING UNICORN, by Chandler Groover   September 1, 2018
"This game does many things well in my opinion. A strong voice comes through in the form of the classic fantasy narrator who explains just..." - See the full review

SCREW YOU, BEAR DAD!, by Xalavier Nelson Jr.   August 19, 2018
"I really love how the author managed to strike a balance between humour and emotional drama. This was more apparent towards the end,..." - See the full review

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