Unit 322 (Disambiguation)

by Jonny Muir


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Great idea, well-executed, August 19, 2018

The reveal was a little too gory for me, but otherwise I thought the mystery worked well. I especially appreciate that my diligence in remembering certain details and going back to past pages to update and review my understanding was rewarded by the contents of the discussion pages, which served as helpful summaries that reinforced my understanding while furthering the plot. The pages themselves were written in a highly concise way, saying what was necessary without inundating the reader with supplementary information, and thereby promoting multiple re-readings to really capture the gist of the message. Such a feature contributed greatly to replayability, which was also facilitated by the very nature of the game as a set of wikipedia pages for the player to explore at his/her own pace. Given the complexity of the plot, and how well it was implemented, it's a shame that there were a few noticeable typos and inconsistencies throughout the game. Nonetheless, these errors didn't pose too much of an obstruction to gameplay, which was otherwise smooth and satisfying.