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A conversation, July 8, 2024
by manonamora
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one way is a short kinetic dialogue through text between Syn and Lily, though it feels more like a monologue, as the latter doesnít respond much. In the messages, Syn talks about the writing progress (or lack of) on a story, and the struggles of being relatable, even when drawing on oneís identity. The messages go unanswered, worrying Syn, who ends up confronting Lily for a sign of life.

Because of that one-sidedness in the exchange, and the minimal formatting, I thought at first I was reading Synís diary entries (the first few pages being pretty relatable, being in a writing rut is not fun). Though it was after going through the passages again did I wonder whether we were playing as Lily, clicking the arrow link to forward time, as if reading but avoiding answering, making Synís plea for a response all the more heartbreaking.
Or maybe Iím reading too much into it, and weíre simply a complete outsider.

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