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A "magical" conversation between fathers, January 27, 2024
by manonamora
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Through the self-indulgent and luxurious prose, you play as one of two fathers, tricked into having a conversation (Spoiler - click to show)with the other through a mystical and fae being. The game mirrors the paths in the unfolding of the story, as the fathers each sit at the table for their respective breakfast, peruse a letter written by their child, are confronted by a vision of said child ((Spoiler - click to show)are they real or just a figment of their imagination?), and find themselves in the presence of a godly being.

And for all their similarities in their love for their children, their family and status, the fathers still intrinsically differ. One's pride revolves around status and traditions, favouring another who can do no wrong. The other's almost wallow in nostalgia of what once was, what will never be again, what is now lost. The difference in behaviours stemming from their social status: one being of high nobility with all the required pompous regalia, the other of a lower background, whom the first would look down upon.

There is a mirror, but the reflection is false.

To fully comprehend the story and the implication of the characters' actions may require some prior knowledge of the characters - the characters and settings are part of a TTRPG campaign*. There is something so strange but lovely too about reading stories clearly meant for like three people max, yet still shared to the world. The reader is pulled in by the intrigue and the mysterious setting, but kept at bay for the rest - leaving you to fill in the gap or find your own meaning of the story. It adds to the mystique of the whole.

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