Universal Hologram

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Science Fiction

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Multimedia, nonsensical story with few choices and formatting bugs, October 6, 2021
by RadioactiveCrow (Irving, TX)
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I really feel like there was the seed of a good story here, but I just didn't get it. Most of the time I couldn't tell what was going on. On the one hand it seems like kind of a surreal/trippy story, but on the other there was more than one NPC scream-cussing at me and it definitely took me out of the mood of the story. There were very few choices in this piece, most sections of texted ended with a single hyperlink. In those few places where multiple choices were offered, sometimes the choices were not separated by a blank line, and because other "choices" were often a whole paragraph of text it was hard to tell if this was a really choice or a paragraph of just the next part of the story. I would recommend cleaning up the formatting in that regard so that when the reader gets an authentic choice they know it at a glance. On the plus side, the story had accompanying surreal illustrations and an atmospheric soundtrack.

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slugzuki, October 8, 2021 - Reply
Hey, thanks for your review! I tried to add a bunch of choices (there are three main ending pathways with a lot of variables between them) but it definitely won't be obvious if you only play the game once, it was more for replayability. I appreciate the advice regarding formatting.
RadioactiveCrow, October 19, 2021 - Reply
Thanks for the reply to my review. I admire your courage to enter a game in IFComp and then engage with negative reviews. I wish you nothing but the best and look forward to your next work!
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