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i like writing stuff

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Interactive Fiction by slugzuki

Computerfriend, by Kit Riemer (2022)
(14 ratings)
The year is 1999. The place is Godfield, Louisiana: the tech capital of the world, where the sky bleeds acid and the mud boils in the bayou. Itís time for your state-mandated digital therapy.

consciousness hologram, by Kit Riemer (2018)
(5 ratings)
HTML/Twine. a hybrid poetry project turned on-rails game intended to appraise the state of both utopic and dystopic sci fi w/ a specific focus on existence/consciousness, deep futurism,...

Universal Hologram, by Kit Riemer (2021)
(17 ratings)
Dreams are nothing but organic simulations. In a computer-generated universe, the citizens of a far-future Martian colony begin projecting their consciousnesses out of their bodies using astral...

Let Me Tell You Who You Are, by slugzuki (2022)
do you like uquiz? then this game is for you! hit the fullscreen button in the bottom corner if ur a genious

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Reviews by slugzuki

Phenomena, by Dawn Sueoka   May 25, 2022
"itís very funny, brief, well written, and satisfying. the first thing from the comp I would send someone who just wanted to dip their..." - See the full review