A Small Talk at the Back of Beyond

by scriptwelder

Science Fiction

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- starlitevenings, March 13, 2021

- Lucifalle, April 26, 2017

- Lorxus, March 8, 2014

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Natural conversation and existential questions, February 16, 2014
by verityvirtue (London)

The AI system informs you that you are in a shelter after a nuclear war destroyed most of the earth. You have lost your memory (as usual); there’s not much place else to go, so there’s just one thing to do: converse.

This short game has just one major twist which can only be reached by asking one specific question, which, as far as I could tell, was unconnected to anything the NPC had said or which was in the scene. However, this is not to say that I didn't enjoy the game, especially the melancholy ending.

The author used the graphics effectively to build up the atmosphere: the tiny pause in responding to a certain question and only being able to observe a small part of the room you are in gives the game an edge of dread. Some further explanation of events mentioned or background information would have been useful to add depth to the PC, but otherwise, really, it's a good game.

- trystero, February 13, 2014

- E.K., February 5, 2014

- RichCheng (Warwickshire, UK), February 4, 2014

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