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Winter Wonderland

by Tim Walsha and Simon Lipscomb


(based on 3 ratings)
1 review

About the Story

Having studied and practised Anthropology for over 10 years, you had all but given up on your dreams to make some great discovery that would put your name in the history books. Until, that is you received a Telex from your Russian Archeologist friend, Sergio Kirov, currently working in Tibet. In it he claimed to have discovered evidence of a civilisation that had advanced at exactly the same rate as the rest of Mankind, yet totally independent of it. Sergio requested that you come to Tibet as quickly as possible to give your expert advice. Naturally you booked a flight as soon as you could.

Landing at Lhasa airport you found that Sergio was not there, but one of the locals told you that he had left a message telling you to meet him at the dig site. As this was on the lower slopes of the Himalayas - easily accessible by aicraft - and you being a competent pilot, you hired a run down Cessna from a small airfield and set off, following Sergio's instructions on how to find the dig.

You were, however, in too much of a hurry to check the weather forecast and you soon became caught in a freak snowstorm that took you higher and higher into the mountains. The tiny plane's engine could not cope with the altitude and soon gave up, leaving you flying blind with no engine. Your Mayday calls went unanswered, so you decided to try and land, hoping and praying that you were above flat land.

Breaking through the dense cloud cover you were relieved to see a dazzling white snowfield spread below you. Desperately preparing for a crash landing, you were distracted by a glint of sunlight on glass - a building! Could THIS be the lost civilisation?

Your attention however was drawn back to the ground hurtling towards you...

Game Details

Language: English (en)
Current Version: Unknown
License: Former commercial
Development System: GAC
Baf's Guide ID: 1324
IFID: Unknown
TUID: h9oyhbl42nz2ruxg


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Meh., August 18, 2021

Winter Wonderland was the first GAC adventure ever written, and the second one (after Apache Gold) to be published.

The plot starts off okayish. Stranding in the Himalayas with your plane - that leaves room for discovering an ancient civilization, a lovecraftian scenario, a Tomb-Raider-like treasure hunt in a cave, an educative game about the Bön religion. Plenty elbowroom.

What do we get? We're supposed to get back to civilization, but after a few steps we stumble across a ridiculous holiday resort where the rest of the game takes place until the sudden end. Rooms and NPCs just serve as vehicles for incoherent, sometimes obscure puzzles, the story stops existing. To spoil one puzzle: (Spoiler - click to show)In room C you need a ski pass to continue, in room B you find a ski pass frozen in the ground(!), and in room A you find "a fluid" that you can pour on the ground in room B to get the ski pass. Once you're in the holiday resort the initial immersion (Lovecraft! Tomb Raider!) starts to wane pretty quickly. The end is unsatisfying.

The implementation is good for a GAC game - the two-word parser is solid, synonyms are understood, the room descriptions are way less sparse than in comparable games. If you know the GAC you know what downside to expect from this: While navigation and picking up objects run fairly quickly, solving actual puzzles allows you to set up a coffee between inputs, and if a three-word input is required (e.g. GIVE X TO Y) you can take a shower between turns. (Disclaimer: Slightly exaggerating here for stylistic reasons. Slightly.) There's a few graphics. Memory shortage was always an issue for GAC games, so don't expect anything photorealistic.

Conclusion: Starts nicely, technically pretty solid for a GAC game, gets boring on the way.

Played on a C64 back in the 19th century, revisited with a C64 emulator now.

If you enjoyed Winter Wonderland...

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