Without a Clue

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Humor, Mystery

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Sherlock 2008, April 25, 2008

Uses the exact same idea as Infocom's 80's Sherlock game - you play as Watson instead of Sherlock. Even starts the same way, with you outside 221B Baker Street about to enter. The writing is a decent stab at apeing the Conan Doyle style, the puzzles are too obscure and unclued though. I knew pretty quickly the location I wanted to visit, but even after exploring all the other locations allowed first, it still wouldn't open up that area. Highly frustrating. The ADRIFT language used to write this game didnt help much either, not the author's fault but some annoying limitations in its parsing became evident.

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David Whyld, August 21, 2011 - Reply
Thanks for the review, but did you actually play the game? You don't play as Watson at all. As it says in the 'about the story' blurb: "it is up to you, Ognacio Bigglesworth..."

But anyway, thanks for the taking the time to review it.
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