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Beautiful- but linear, November 22, 2010
by tggdan3 (Michigan)

I love the premise here- an angel who is bored with heaven taking niceness lessons from gabriel.

The game starts off slow, but that's the point: heaven is boring. Once you've explored it a bit, gabriel shows up and has you attempt to tempt some mortals to evil, while he overrides you by forcing them to be nice.

There were some frustrating lack of implementation:


No error message, just a new blank line, meaning it understands that I'm asking the politician to do something, just not one of the things it understands.

The premise and writing are very good, and a lot of other actions seem to be implemented, just the most important area of the game- the commanding of mortals, seems to be missing some key implementation which is frustrating in the puzzle solving. There are some standard error messages (Gabriel has better things to do.) but there are also plenty of error messages customized to an angel in heaven- very nice.

Still I'm giving it 4 stars, with that bit of fixing, I'd probably go up to 5. It's a simple and fun game with an interesting premise. The ending is very good also, no surprises, but it's nice how this game twists expectations.

This is the game that "The devil made me do it" should have been!