Andromeda Ascending

by Truthcraze

Episode 5 of the Andromeda Series
Science Fiction

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Good, but not as deep as the sequels., January 7, 2015
by Chai Hai (Kansas City KS)

This by all means wasn't a bad game. It was quite amusing, actually.

This just didn't have the same spirit as the games it's a prequel to.

The main character was fun, but the story felt rushed. The sequels are obviously mentioned, but they felt like they were too blatantly cited.

This is obviously supposed be how the first council was set up but a lot of details were missing.

(Spoiler - click to show)We follow some quirky teenager who's the head of gang who gets kidnapped and then finds a way back to her home station and ends up becoming leader of the planet. It just doesn't make sense.

It doesn't have any real themes either. Just get back home. That's your mission.

Also that maze was impossible without a walkthrough.

I feel so much more could've gone into this. I'm usually a fan of quirkier stories, but this one didn't impress me.

If it was just a standalone story, sure, but being a prequel to two obviously fantastic stories sets the bar pretty high. I unfortunately finished this game disappointed.

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<blank>, January 7, 2015 - Reply
You do know this wasn't by the same author as Awakening and Apocalypse, right?
Chai Hai, January 7, 2015 - Reply
Yes I do. The game still felt rushed regardless. You barely got to explore anything, and the whole secret message plot could've been fleshed out more. And I wanted more details on how hacking a message eventually equates to becoming leader.

The quirky responses were fun, the main character was full of spirit and the best part. Still felt like a good portion of the meat was removed.
Andrew Schultz, January 7, 2015 - Reply
I can't speak for the creative side, but Jim did have the game go several rounds of testing, so I think the technical bit went well.

BTW, if you're looking for more Andromeda universe games, Joey Jones wrote two: Andromeda Dreaming and Andromeda Genesis. The second is not on IFDB. I'm not sure whether Joey wanted it to be. But the first got a 4-star average, so you may find it worth looking at. For some reason it was not lumped in with the other games in the series, but I fixed that now. has Andromeda Genesis.
Chai Hai, January 7, 2015 - Reply
Why thank you! I'm always up for another Andromeda game. I shall check those out!
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