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Interesting start, January 4, 2014
by Simon Deimel (Germany)

The start is quite interesting, but like so many Quest games it is unfortunately not complete -- I don't know why, but I suppose that many novice authors start their games, finish it to a certain degree, then put online what they have with the announcement that they will continue it later (which I can understand -- it is something that they are proud of, even if it is just a part of a finished product, and Quest games can easily be put online), and finally forget about it, for whatever reason. Maybe they find something more interesting, or they don't have time for it anymore, I can't tell.
In this case, the story is promising. It makes the player want to know what is going on. It introduces several characters who can become suspects later. But the game ends abruptly with the forementioned announcement; so as a player I felt a bit betrayed, I hoped for a solution and there was none.
I encourage the author to continue this.

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E.K., January 5, 2014 - Reply
I just wish that they'd not put unfinished games onto the IFDB, though - it floods the site and makes it a lot harder to search for potentially enjoyable games.
Simon Deimel, January 5, 2014 - Reply
Yes, I think you are right. At least it is obligatory to mark incomplete games as such right from the beginning, or even better as a remark in the title. It is always annoying to start a story, get immerged into it and then get put off by a message saying that the game is unfinished and will be continued later. And furthermore many of such unfinished stories will never be completed -- I suppose the authors start them, then lose interest and think, 'Well, this was some work for me, so I want people to read it anyway, even if I won't conclude it.'
Finishing a small project is a much better result than abandoning a complex project, and the product, even if it is small, deserves to be published.
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