Don't Pee Yourself!

by Hulk Handsome profile

Slice of life

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Oops, peed myself!, October 31, 2011
by Nereare (São Paulo, Brazil)

The plotline takes the word "minimalism" to whole new level: you have to do nothing else but peeing. But still, having lost this game a handful of times indicates it's small and prosaical task is not a simple one.
Don't Pee Yourself! reminds us the difference between IF and reality by calling attention on automated actions that are sometimes, well, automated by the various systems used on this genre.
Each playtime is very short -- one minute or two --, but you will have to play it more than once.

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Andrew Schultz, December 27, 2011 - Reply
It's pretty caringly done for all that, too. I enjoyed the extra facts that you got when you lost, and the ways to lose, and this made the game worth replaying.

I'm sort of jealous of the author's audacity to write a game like this and ability to make it work. And this sort of thing is nice for when I don't want to play more serious stuff.

Of course the author could've used the syntax in Inform that lets you do two things at once, but that'd destroy the fun of the game.
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