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Examining the universe, October 11, 2019
by JimB
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This is a one-way exploration adventure through a world that the player can examine for a good amount of time. With the topic of the game being one of my greatest interests it had an easy time to entertain me.
With this additional topic knowledge it became a fun puzzle to examine all the non-obviously-described objects, although the game doesn't have any real puzzle that would block the player from actual game progression.

One of the few negative points I can come up with is that I couldn't find some objects that I expected to be implemented but weren't. Like (Spoiler - click to show)Saturn's rings (I expected them after finding Jupiter's Great Red Spot), small planets like Ceres and Vesta, because Makemake was in the game for some reason, and then there was no asteroid belt, Saturn's biggest moon Titan, and so on. You can spent some time with this little game to find and not find these objects. Most of these objects weren't mentioned by the game text in any way so I was happily surprised finding some of them, and was only shortly disappointed not finding them.

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Sobol, November 19, 2019 - Reply
I'm planning to add more hidden objects in the second version. Thanks for sharing your playthrough and comments, they were very useful.
Andrew Schultz, November 20, 2019 - Reply
Ooh! Super minor point, if you're putting out a new version--I bet you could do something cool or cute with parser errors. Nothing too drastic, just, a response for an empty command, and another for taking stuff that isn't there. It feels like something you could think on for a few minutes, have an aha moment, and fill in.
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